I was born in Singapore and my artistic talent was apparent at an early age. I was always interested in art and my late uncle, Ivan E. Andrade, was himself, a gifted artist and was keen to nurture my talent and brought me the world of creativity and painting.

I first stated painting with oils, but it was the watercolour works of my late uncle Ivan, that moved me to develop a stronger interest in this elegant medium. I later attended watercolour painting classes at La Salle School of the Arts in Singapore, and learned a lot about the craft of handling watercolour painting from some of Singapore’s most eminent watercolour artists like Ng Woon Lam and Seah Kam Chuan, who is the president of the Singapore Watercolour Society. In 2004, I was elected a member of The Watercolour Society of Singapore.

My professional career began as an interior design and subsequently set-up my own interior design company in Singapore, where I ran the consultancy for 20 years before moving to Adelaide, South Australia, in early 2007, and where I and my family now reside.

It was during these years spent running my company, when I felt the desire to broaden my passion for painting, especially in the medium of watercolours. Painting on location or from photographs of places I have visited or symbolic and picturesque scenes, my favourite subjects usually involve the urban and rural scenes of Asia.

I paint mainly with water colours on paper. Painting is my way of expressing how I appreciate life and the beauty that I see in even the most ordinary and mundane things. Whether I am painting a street scene, river scene, people, landscapes, flowers, even a single leaf, I derive joy and satisfaction from being able to freely express my own interpretations of what I perceive, guided only by my emotions and innermost feelings. In the process of painting, my emotions dictate the actual palette and composition such that the finished work may not exactly be what I had conceptualized when I started. This to me is the essence of painting – giving free rein to one’s emotions.

As I found my passion for painting continued to develop and mature, I dallied on the notion to work as a full time watercolour artist and embarked on painting trips around Asia. During this time I also allowed my works to be displayed in Singapore galleries, with many of my watercolours eventually made their way into a number of art shows in Singapore and abroad.

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